Amber Simpson

Amber Simpson, At the Root of it All There is Joy, Alcohol ink on Yupo paper, 8×10

About the Artist

Amber Simpson (She/her) is an abstract artist who lives and works in Anniston, Alabama. Self-taught, Amber began painting as a means for self and spiritual care to connect with God. Drawn to matters of the soul, her bold and vibrant paintings are rooted in her desire to connect to the Divine within herself and others. Amber’s personal style exudes emotion and expresses deep discovery and love.

After completing her Master of Divinity, Amber delved even more into her creative practice with the passion to connect art to God in a holistic way. She uses meditation practices and “Holy Listening” to allow her intuition a voice. It is a collaboration between created and Creator. Amber relishes this relationship with the Divine.

Recently, Amber was selected to serve as an artist in residence at Sardis Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. Through this role, she learned the deep need to share her artistry with the church, inviting individuals to connect with the Divine in a new and intentional way.


Artist Statement

Primarily, I paint using a combination of alcohol ink, resin, and watercolor. My work explores the relationship between the Divine and humanity. With diverse influences from theology to emotions to nature, new insights are developed from intuitive and intentional practices.

Ever since I was an adolescent I have been fascinated by the relationship between God and Humanity. What started as a basic understanding of God from my southern, evangelical upbringing, became an intense desire to explore the spiritual realm on a deeper level. In turn, my sense of “knowing” turned into curiosity and the possibility of a new understanding.

My process includes following my intuition with each art piece and applying bold colors to reveal the colorful nature of humanity. By applying abstraction, I create personal moments that aim to evoke a deeper understanding of spirituality, relationships, and, ultimately ourselves. Thus, my work has multi-facets of interpretation and meaning.