Dominyka Obelenyte

Dominyka Obelenyte, FINALLY, Acrylic, pumice, glitter, dye and embroidery on canvas, 48 x 48″

About the Artist

Dominyka Obelenyte is Lithuanian-born romanticist, Brazilian jiu jitsu world champion and mixed media visual artist, situated in Brooklyn, New York. Dom studied visual arts at Columbia University, where she discovered her love of printmaking, and cannibalizing paper works into new creations. Dom’s vision for her art surrounds the abstract reflection of womankind’s historical, sociological and biological role in a universal context, combined with the personal ebbing and flowing of contradicting ideas.


Artist Statement

Holes are everywhere. We are born from them and eaten by them, we begin as them and end buried in them. Holes exist within and without space, they contain nothing at the same time as they contain everything. They expand, contract, cycle and become desecrated. Since conception, Dom has been characterized by the holes she possesses and those she lacks. The duality persists in the filtering of her daily life. The artist’s practice serves as a gentle reminder of the founding principles of existence: the organic, mystical and emotional contents spilled out in the dissection and exploration of the world of (W)holes.