About the Artist
Alison Rae Campbell has devoted her art practice to expanding methods of creativity that focus on expressive freedom, intuition and spontaneity. Her work explores visual storytelling, breaking through emotional boundaries by using bold color, repetitive patterns, and exaggerated shapes. Each piece celebrates an imaginative and whimsical world of wonder and whimsy. Alison’s highly individual style is influenced by the art movements that include abstract expressionism, cubism, and surrealism. Inspired by artists like Klee, Miro, Kandinsky, and Picasso, Alison enjoys creating art that invites a playful and innocent way of seeing things. Trusting her instincts and overcoming her own limitations, are an important part of her painting process. Her works allow her to explore and expand her unique visual language. Alison is an Artist, an Art Educator, and a Children’s Book Author and Illustrator. She creates out of a renovated commercial basement at The Art Crate Studios, a Teaching Artist Studio space she founded, in Old Town Auburn, California. You can find her there, creating ArtKits for children, Illustrating Books, Teaching Zoom and in person classes, and of course, working on her own Art creations.

Artist Statement
I am an Artist. When I was a child, Art was the language I spoke to tell my story, express my emotions, and speak my mind. I used Art as my voice. I was fascinated with shapes, drawing them like building blocks to create a unique sense of harmony for my imaginary make believe worlds. My marks made more sense to me than printed words. I placed color with energy and fearlessness, intuitively building worlds of wonder and adventure beyond what even I could imagine. Making Art was as exciting to me as a child as it is to me now.

I am an Art Educator. I am the founder of The Art Crate, a teaching artist studio where we invite students of all ages to explore, innovate, imagine, and experiment the different ways to tap into their own creativity, use their own voice, from painting and drawing to sculptures made out of junk drawer finds, recycled soup cans, and discarded juice bottles. I am a Children’s Book Author and Illustrator. I draw up stories that exaggerate nature, animals, kindness, whimsey, hope, and happiness. Providing a visual space for children to see, feel, wonder, and adventure through imaginary spaces is the most rewarding part of story telling and Illustrating. I have built a legacy around ways to share my vision with people though my paintings, classes, and children’s books. Offering opportunities of creativity and inspiration and encouraging people to form their own unique vision and voices, is my greatest passion.