About the Artist
Born in Manhattan, N.Y. and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Brendan was exposed to extraordinary disciplines and many facets of creativity. At an early age, she knew she had to become an artist, and soon found fulfillment in music, stage, dance, literature, and eventually canvas. “Being creative is a blessing and a curse… if I ignore one gift for too long, the guilt becomes unyielding”. When punk rock hit the L.A. scene in 1978, Brendan, unlike other teenagers, fronted a punk band at age 14. Before that however, she recalls Freddy Mercury being that voice that made her pick up a hair brush and croon along incessantly. Grooves on the vinyl may have been worn out had it not been for a visit to the movies. Tim Curry adorned in pearls, lingerie, and a garter, ignited her into a secret world – one where she would eventually find herself immersed. Thus, beginning a road of night club gigs, theater performances and the written word. Brendan Briggs now lives on the Mesa in Santa Barbara, CA. Self-taught, Brendan’s mixed mediums enter a world through the many stories her fantastical life experiences have led to. Her relentless drive for social acceptance and tolerance is ever apparent in the messages you will see as you voyage through her works and find your own interpretation.

Artist Statement
I’m an artist, who is so blessed to live a lifestyle that allows me to create and paint everyday. My Pop Urban Street Art has revealed in brick and mortar venues as well as virtual shows now that we’re living in a new world. The pandemic brought about a side of depression that I’ve never experienced, which shows most brutally in my current collection. Like everyone else in the world, I had to come up with a way to live through the mania of Political derision, divisiveness, the divide and then Covid came which conjured a whole new meaning of isolation. Painting, creating each day brought about a mental calm, physical attribution which then launched into contacting and connecting with friends, relatives and artists workshops through zoom daily. I’m a huge advocate of community Arts. Crafting and helping each other develop a path by bringing people together who love and inspire each others creative process. I’ve set up virtual paint parties where the playlist and special Guest Artist’s will Showcase their worx. “WE” the audience get to listen, talk and participate in allowing the paint to flow through us. I love creating DIY videos! It takes the fear out of everything! Being an Artist can bring on a whole set of uncomfortable challenges of which I’m always up for!
Love and Light Y’all!