About the Artist
I am a Chicago based painter who studied illustration at the American Academy of Art. Painting and art have always been therapeutic for me, even from the very beginning, and as I grow it continues to evolve. Not just the paintings themselves, but the way that I use art to learn and grow. Through intuitive painting, I learn how to better love and trust myself, and recognize the connection between all things. My work is unapologetically vivid, colorful and full of playfulness.

Artist Statement
These paintings are all intuitive. I just go were my mind takes me, and look for harmony of color and form. They usually start off very calm, with only a few colors and some movement. As I add layers of paint, there’s a sort of confusion and chaos that develops, and then, slowly, I have to real that in until I find a stillness. This is generally how I like to work, and if I have an idea that I really enjoy the outcome of, I will try it out a few times.