About the Artist
Cui, Decheng (b.1990) is a conceptual artist whose works never limited to any artistic language, from traditional oil painting to animation and more. He obtained his two undergraduate diplomas, B.F.A in painting and B.A in Industrial Design (Science), in China in 2013. After graduation, he transferred his interest from traditional painting and design to contemporary art. He has been making contemporary art at an MFA program of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago since 2017. Decheng has shown his work through solo and group exhibitions and art fairs in many countries.

Artist Statement
The purpose of my work is to use it to fight fear from death. Since the demise of the flesh is inevitable, then I can only find ways to plant the fragments of my soul among human civilizations, to root it to console myself. Therefore, it is unimportant to me that what kind of art language I use, and it play a whole key role in my work that what kind of my concept, my soul, in it.

I never totally believe and follow my feeling to create art works, and I believe my thinking and logic are much more trustworthy.