About the Artist
Florence Alfano McEwin is an artist of remote Wyoming, working in print and paint mediums and former educator. Of her various series of works, the collagraphic impressions of flora most directly celebrate her love of nature and low tech printmaking. The images presented here stemmed from an intended show at Earth Gallery in Japan, cancelled due to covid concerns. Her works have been appreciated by international and national audiences in Japan, Canada, Italy, Germany, England, Scotland, the Netherlands and France. She is honored to have been awarded the George and Helen Segal Foundation Award in Painting ( NJ), 2017 and 2009 Wyoming State Art Fellowships and numerous national and international acknowledgements, notably a print award in Beijing China.

Artist Statement
These works play with the tradition of flower pressing done as remembrance and in the 18th century by budding botanists as a means of identification and often dismissed as women’s hobby work. My impetus is more integral to my need and respect for beauty. During Covid the making has been a source of calm and hope. The harsh climate ( rated as 1-2 for gardeners), high altitude and roaming animals of my Wyoming home have kept me from the horticulture of my dreams. So I’ve often chosen to celebrate the weeds and plants surrounding my studio, friend’s vegetable gardens, as well as any other flora I come across. These appropriations are remembrance of place, events and friends enlivened with intensification of hue. When I did travel pre covid ,I’ve been known to bring back mementos of flora – berries growing along the Spree in Berlin, Gingko from Utah et al. They involve printing in a collagraphic manner or raised surface, using counter and ghosts prints to develop the image on a variety of papers. What emerges is a new type of garden, one very much my own.