About the Artist
Kya Nguyen is a holistic designer in The Bahamas. She works in design and marketing and loves using painting and being in/on the ocean as a way to reduce stress and reconnect after too many hours of screen time. She says that these practices quickly bring her back to her center and allows her to be more present.

Kya has worked in several creative industries – including fashion & jewelry design, visual merchandising, and event planning. She says her most satisfying job to date is being an #artmom to her 7 year old son.

Artist Statement
When I heard that the name of the exhibit was RISE, I immediately thought of all mothers who wake up everyday and take on the world for their children.

The mothers who work tirelessly to make ends meet while wearing a smile. And I thought, “how freaking courageous we are!”

Piece 1: ‘Rise’ depicts a phoenix and has an antiqued feel because the work that mothers have been doing carries on from the beginning of time, generation after generation. The phoenix is a symbol of hope, renewal, and rebirth.

Piece 2: ‘Muva’ slang for mother and a term coined in black drag culture reminds us that we are fierce because of our unique backgrounds. We can’t all be June Cleaver, and honestly that’s a huge sigh of relief. Whether you go by mom, mama, momma, or muva, you are strong, loved, and appreciated.