About the Artist
Silvana Smith is an artist born in Catania, Sicily, and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She received her BFA in sculpture from the University of North Florida. She uses a variety of methods and mixed media including photography, food manipulation, typography, sewing, painting, and cast resin. Spoken and written words are major sources of inspiration for her. She is also interested in interpreting the world through her illustrations. She has created several collaborative and personal art installations throughout Florida, including Springfield, Jacksonville, and Mexico City Beach. Such installations include, “Enlivened Spaces”, and “Rethreaded, Flight”. In 2016 She received a “Rising Artist” award from Duval County. In 2019 her sculpture, “A Cyclical Experience” was chosen by contemporary artist Carrie Johnson for the national exhibition “A Rare Few” in Birmingham, Alabama. Later that year she was granted a scholarship to construct a 10ft steel sculpture, “Active Pyramids” for Seaside Sculpture Park.

Artist Statement
My ongoing series is called “Resonance”. The sculptures are about collection and recollection. The pieces are made of found objects, wax, and chains. Found objects can include bugs, baby teeth or shriveled leaves. The sculptures are monochromatic or limited in color. The color choice sets the tone for each piece. Textures on the surface look viscous and drippy. Wax is ladled onto a structure to form unique layers. The sculpture’s silhouette mimics the look of a ghost, a cave or a gazebo. It’s a sanctuary. The objects that hang inside the domes are natural objects from different years and locations. For me, they connect to important places, past memories and changing seasons.