Our project space is an extension of this online platform. We envision a flexible space that can share a variety of work, including:

  • Solo shows
  • 2-3 person shows
  • Thematic group shows

We are especially interested in:

  • work that is digitally native
  • offering solo space for emerging artists
  • offering curatorial experience for emerging curators
  • alternative installation venues (i.e. create your installation at home, in a shoebox, in the forest, etc… document via photo or video, and share here)
  • work by BIPOC artists, artists with disabilities, LGBTQIA artists, women artists, parent artists, and art educators
  • work that addresses current issues in compelling ways that may be engaging for children
  • work that pushes the boundaries of what is possible online

Please submit your proposal using the form below.

If your proposal is accepted, we will work with you to schedule and set up your show. This may be simply sending images and information or it may be more involved, depending on the nature of your proposal.

If you have any questions about the Project Space or the proposal process or technical issues with the form, please contact rebecca@teachingartistpodcast.com.

The form works best on Google Chrome browser.

Please note that there is a $10 submission fee, which supports Play + Inspire gallery as an independent curatorial platform. Play + Inspire Gallery is a curatorial collaboration between Rebecca Potts Aguirre of Teaching Artist Podcast and Maria Coit of Curated for Kids. We are both artists and teachers (and parents), running these projects alongside our other work. As such, we truly understand the barrier submission fees can create, while also valuing the time and effort that goes into creative work and all the behind-the-scenes administrative work of supporting artists. In order to break down this barrier while also valuing our own time, we work to keep fees low and offer sliding scale fees whenever possible.

If the form does not redirect you to the payment page, you can go here to submit the fee.

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