Hannah Zimmerman

Hannah Zimmerman, Shower Curtain Sofa House, Gouache on paper, 6 x 5 inches

About the Artist

Hannah Zimmerman is an artist and educator based in Cincinnati, Ohio. She earned her MFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and a BFA and BS in Art Education from Miami University. In 2020, she was awarded a 10-month artist residency at Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati. Her work has been shown regionally and nationally and she is currently in her sixth year of teaching visual arts at a public high school.



Artist Statement

Within my work, interior spaces are used as both a documentation of time and as a way to explore my identity through introspection. By capturing quiet, quotidian scenes where domestic objects are interwoven with artistic processes, the work creates room for confusion and reflection. Layered with recognizable objects and ambiguous imagery, and with titles take from lines of my own poetry, the paintings invite the viewer into a pictorial space primed for contemplation. Flattening time into a composite, the paintings gather the past, present, and future into one singular space to communicate a nonlinear personal history.

Continuously returning to the significance of the process itself, I rely upon an ever-evolving collection of objects to find my course; one that exists between the internal and external. These objects, as my inanimate studio companions, exist as both vestiges of previous memories and experiences, and as witnesses to the unfolding practice of an artist at work.