About the Artist
Matthew C Fitzpatrick is an artist and art educator living in Evansville Indiana. Matthew teaches a variety of classes including digital photography, AP studio courses, and jewelry making. His own work consists of layered sections of wood, using bright colors to depict symmetrical designs of animals. Matthew primarily works in oil or acrylic paint on wood, but has been known to use spray paint, encaustics, and printmaking in his work also.

Artist Statement
I like to create works that show the relationships of humans and animals. To create my work, I layer pieces of wood, some cut on a laser and some hand cut using a scroll saw. I work on wood as a symbol for nature, and because I’ve always felt a connection with woodworking. My grandfather was a carpenter and my brother builds guitars, which has always drawn me to the idea of working with wood. My color palette is heavily influenced by my love of street art. I started off my career creating brightly colored layered stencils with spray paint. When I moved on from canvas to wood these colors transferred over as a way to show the contrast of man’s influence on the natural look of the wood. We also find symmetry both in nature and human made influences on nature. I incorporate symmetry to show this connection between both the natural and manmade world. My creations depict my understanding of how animals and humans interact with each other. Our relationship has become symbiotic over time, with us taking and animals adapting to their new environment.